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Streamline workflow for setting up groups that are not courses
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Currently, there's a course creation wizard. We don't need any of that. Very minimal creation thing with:

  • Start and end date
  • Title

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Thanks, @Abit.

The way I've thought about this need is to implement a configuration variable that just removes the assignment design wizard altogether. Simplifying the first screen that collects a description, the school and term, and other info, will be a bit trickier — as we have to work around the way that it's currently designed with the assumption that all courses have a school and a term. But it should be possible.

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@FloorKoudijs tells me that program leaders would like some metadata for their courses, beyond simply duration and title. I'm interested in making the wizard for group creation flexible enough that we could use a different wizard for each type of collaborative group.

The schema for this course metadata could eventually become something fun like a dedicated Wikibase with structured data about assignments, reviews, courses, and so on. But the first step is definitely to expand the courses table by only a few columns.

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