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Administer community tech support satisfaction survey
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Once we have the survey built (T107217), have identified the users to survey (T107829), figured out how to invite them (T107982), and documented our intentions with the survey on meta-wiki (T107984), we should actually send it out and collect some data.

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Edward from Learning and Evaluation suggests that we invite around 100 users from each of the large wikis and approximately 20-50 from each of the smaller wikis.

Hi Ryan, I don't recall suggesting those numbers. Wondering if we should meet to discuss the sample. Thanks!

@egalvezwmf That's what my notes from our meeting on August 4th say, but maybe I misunderstood. What do you think would make sense? Keep in mind this data is just for judging changes in satisfaction over time.

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Translations are currently being reviewed. Hoping to send the invites out next week.

The list of users to send invites to is P2064. We should try to send the invites by this Thursday.

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