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Create NonFreeWiki as a parallel to Wikimedia Commons
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About 18 months ago, I started a proposal for a NonFreeWiki as a parallel to Wikimedia Commons. The idea is to centralise the 2.4 million unfree files that are being used in 155 content wikis, so that there is better regulation. So far 16 other people have expressed support at
I haven't had much time to work on this until recently, but I'd like to test out the ideas in a demo wiki.

The subdomain could be or or


Thank you in advance.

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It's not clear to me who'd need to approve a new core project type wiki.

I suspect it would have been a Sister Projects Committee ( but this is not likely to be ready for a while. Beyond that I couldn't guess who to turn to.

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It looks like what you want is actually a test wiki for demoing purposes. If so, a Labs instance would be better suited for this purpose, imo. See for an example. 16 supports is definitely not enough for opening a new project and opening new projects also needs approval by the Board, iirc.

Sorry, I forgot to provide instructions on how to request new projects on Labs. See T76375 and

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This is not a duplicate of T108167. T108167 is to open a ToolsToollabs-site project, while this was for a new wiki. Different tasks, different things.

T108167 is to open a Tools-site

No, it's about creating a Labs project. Anyway. :)

T108167 is to open a ToolsToollabs-site project

No, it's about creating a Labs project.