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As a project lead, I'd like documentation on how to set up a Shiny dashboard so that I can visualise the project's key performance indicators
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Shiny dashboards are awesome, and we want more people to use them! Since we're the experts in lightweight visualisations right now, let's write some documentation somewhere that tells other interested parties how to set up a Shiny dashboard like ours.

I'm agnostic as to where the documentation should live., or the repository for our dashboards, are both viable options.

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We could do a tech talk on this as well, if it'd be helpful?

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Started working on this:

Feel free to yell at me if I have chosen the wrong home for the documentation. Wikitech seemed appropriate to me.

Which puppet role/module is used to install this? (Seems the host is for the search dashboard is .)

It's a Vagrant rather than Puppet role (the Operations team did not want R support to be a factor. See

Thx that helps a lot. Can you link to where the operations team said that or who from ops has that opinion? I wonder what the procedure for security maintenance is.

I found and linked on gerrit the previous attempt, which seems to contain the discussion I wanted to read.

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