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Talk to Greg and Arthur about Onboarding's role in establishing good testing practices/habits
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From July 27, 2015 Testing: Where does it hurt? meeting:

Ideas floated:

  1. Everyone who goes through Onboarding gets a mentor/buddy (testing tends to be team specific)
  2. Create Onboarding guide for new devs
  3. Create Onboarding testing template
  4. Integrate "how to contribute page" documentation into Onboarding
  5. Create Test suite- here's what you are expected to support across platforms

Talk to Greg & Arthur about what are next steps to implement suggestions. Who can we talk to, etc...

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A good person to bring this up with is @ALantz - I know she's working on stuff in regards to onboarding procedures at the WMF

@Awjrichards Thanks for the mention. Please let me know where I can help.

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Release-Engineering-Team does provide the infrastructure to automatically run tests on patch proposal and surely loves when code is covered by tests. I am not sure how much we can lead the effort for the whole Engineering and Product though.

Maybe we can poll the different teams and find out champions in other teams that would help introduces more testing and take a share of the CI / staging maintenance? It is pretty much wide open for participations and several people outside of Release-Engineering-Team do enhance the infra on a daily basis.

One simple way to approach this might be to focus on sending new hires to the same "How to contribute" documentation that we provide for volunteers. That might help to kill two birds with one stone, both continuously vetting those articles for accuracy and consistently initiating newcomers to our specific development/testing practices.

Meeting with @Awjrichards @greg and @dduvall:

  1. Create onboarding generic engineering checklist that teams could adapt to their specific needs. See Discovery checklist:
2.Include conventions that span engineering (consult architects & eng leads & security & performance) to identify top 5 items across eng to include
3.Consider itemizing tasks for the onboarding checklist in Phab (would help new employees learn Phab)

  1. Monthly presentation: "Here's overview to how engineering happens (Testing, Deployment) - 2 hours of Greg's time every month

Next Steps
Engage with @ALantz re: how to roll out onboarding checklist

Sept 14, 2015

Dan, Arthur and Grace met with Anna Lantz.

Next Steps:
@Awjrichards to get back to us Week of Sept 21 re: whether to pursue proposing rollout in meeting or via pilot