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Documentation of $wgGroupPermissions is poor
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In DefaultSettings.php we see

  • Permission keys given to users in each group.
  • All users are implicitly in the '*' group including anonymous visitors;
  • logged-in users are all implicitly in the 'user' group. These will be
  • combined with the permissions of all groups that a given user is listed
  • in in the user_groups table.

the problem is that this is extra not clear. I could write a patch but
I'm not clear about it. What's not clear about it? I'm not clear. Tag
it for clarification, please.

Or delete the sentence and just tell them maybe in$wgGroupPermissions
it will be explained. Empty as of now.

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: minor



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robchur wrote:

I've attempted to refactor the page on so it's a bit clearer
what's going on. The page was moved to Manual:$wgGroupPermissions and then the
redirect inexplicably deleted.

We should probably just update DefaultSettings.php to refer people to the more
comprehensive documentation, which, by the way, is located on a wiki so you can
edit it if you feel it's appropriate to do so.

The redirect was deleted because it is in the PD Help: namespace. It is a shame
to break the few external links pointing into the namespace, but redirects like
this break one of the fundamental aims of the PD help project which is to
provide a help namespace that is completely self-contained.