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White border around thumbs
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Thumbnailed images outside NS0 have big white border in Standard skin (and possibly others except

I believe it is because of the "border-color: white;" specification added in r18303, as non-NS0
pages in Standard do not have white background (they have explicit bgcolor="#ffffec" set by

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I checked this with modern, monobook and standard and they all look the same for the given URL. If indeed fixed, please close.

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Screenshot of standard exhibiting the bug

No, it has not been fixed. See the attached screenshot (taken right now on running 1.15alpha (r48811)).


Border-in-standard-screenshot.png (480×315 px, 52 KB)

chinchi29 wrote:

Perhaps it could be fixed with a "background-color:inherit" around the thumb.

Note that this issue is no longer VISIBLE in the English Wikipedia because of customizing [[MediaWiki:Common.css]] with the following CSS;

/* Remove white border from thumbnails */
div.thumb {

border: none;

div.tright {

border: none;
margin: 0.5em 0 0.8em 1.4em;

div.tleft {

border: none;
margin: 0.5em 1.4em 0.8em 0;


The issue still exists in the default skins.

See bug 16272 comment 1 for why the borders are there at all. But the desired effect (preventing h2 lines from connecting to floated thumbs) can be achieved in a simpler and more general way by applying overflow:hidden to the h2 elements.

This would work for all floats, not just thumbnails, and also fix bug 1629, but has side-effects:

  • overflow:hidden does nothing in IE 6. If that's a problem, the desired effect can be achieved by triggering hasLayout. In IE 7, it works because overflow:hidden has become a hasLayout trigger. It finally works as it should in IE 8.
  • Headings would become invisible in IE/Mac, see bug 1629 comment 40 and If that's a problem, it can be he hidden from this ancient browser.
  • Bug 1629 comment 38 is about unspecified problems with RTL and Firefox that would have to be looked into.

Besides that, I wonder why every skin needs to contain a copy of this code. Can't this at least be consolidated in shared.css and commonPrint.css? At the German Wikipedia, we have the same workaround as in comment 5 scattered across the local skin-specific CSS files, and there is no consensus to put them in Common.css as long as it's scattered upstream.

Note that overflow:hidden can clip content if a heading contains a very long unbreakable word and there is a right float before it. With overflow:visible, content is pushed down the float, but not with overflow:hidden; it's clipped instead.

If it's not worth this risk, I'd suggest to just remove the white borders. They may serve a purpose, but cause rendering inconsistencies (other floats like infoboxes don't have such borders), and many wikis (enwiki, dewiki, commonswiki at least) remove them locally anyway.

*** Bug 26423 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

See also bug 26423.

Fixed in r79010 & r79011.

Similar demo on TranslateWiki, which uses the trunk where it'll appear soon
(compare with )