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Page is completely empty until purging it
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First reported by Jura1 at

For some time now, I have to purge larger pages to be able to view them (Generally the constraint reports generated by Ivan's bot). Is there some issue or is this intended? --- Jura 17:07, 3 August 2015 (UTC)

Also occurs at:

Opening any pages in the list, it is empty. Purge fix it.

Note this is not a duplicate of T96476: The page fr:WP:QT does not immediately display edit (due to using templates and transclusion?), and does not offer any way to purge it or T98582: The page displays a broken call to the template A when the needed template redir B was created recently, and the page gives no way to purge it (both are not completely empty)

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Sure that this is not related / some outcome of T108139: document.write() results in a blank page?

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This cannot be a problem with document.write, because document.write will produce a full empty page. But here it is "just" the content area empty. Navigation bar and such are still there (which will not be when using document.write as written in T108139)

All the pages are using "Template:Talk" from the wiki which redirects to "Template:Talk header". "Template:Talk header" has a #ifexist around all the code and it seems to be a problem, that the text is parsed and put in the parser cache before the page exists. A purge fix this, because than the page exists.

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Seems to be the same fundamental issue as T96476 and T98582: when a new page is created, other pages which have referenced it (as a redirect or an ifexist parameter) are not invalidated.

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