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XSS in GeSHi/contrib/cssgen.php
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Another issue reported by DAU Huy Ngoc.

This was already fixed by (T101608), but we should call out in the release that there was a security impact of that fix.


I found another XSS in the geshi plugin included in mediawiki 1.25.1.

The POC is as follows:

Note that WMF sites are not affected. I believe 1.26 and 1.24 branches don't use the same version of geshi.

However, if you are gonna release 1.25.2 (as you mentioned earlier). There's a big chance that it will include the vulnerable plugin.


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Fixed in REL1_25 already.

geshi/contrib was reintroduced by c9186790222666c767ee8ec2a12c28e62f8e82dc, which was merged Nov 7, 2014, but looks like it didn't make the branch cut for REL1_24.

And actually, hasn't been merged. @MaxSem, @Reedy, either of you able to get jenkins to merge it?

Merged with Lego's help.

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CVE-2015-6734 was assigned for this, and CVE-2015-6733 for potential DoS issues in those scripts.