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Newsletter Extension: Unit testing
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As of now, unit testing is scheduled to start right after we are done with the ''To be closed" tasks in MediaWiki-extensions-Newsletter

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Change 231599 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tinaj1234):
Unit testing for Newsletter extension

Change 231599 merged by jenkins-bot:
Unit testing for Newsletter extension

Okey - even though we have merged one of the relevant unit test, I dont think we can close this now - as we still can/should have more unit tests. For the scope of GSoC 2015, I will move this to 'Backlog' than 'To be closed at the Earliest'.

When do we know that we are done with the "legacy" code ;) , meaning the code written during GSoC? In other words, when can we close this task?

New unit tests should come together with the new code, right? As in we don't close a feature-related task as Resolved until the related unit tests are provided.

I think this task can be closed. We have more than one unit test merged as of now, so I think it's safe to close this one.

*agrees* the code is also more testable now that before.
And we are only going to introduce more tests! ;)