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[Task] Remove "wb-entity-spinner"
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We should entirely remove the spinner that used to appear while we were re-doing the entity DOM. We no longer do that for quite some time now and the spinner has moved to entityViewInit by now.

I guess the spinner doesn't show up in a lot of cases any more and if it does, probably not for very long.

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The new way we invoke the spinner apparently (people told me and I perceive this myself, I have no solid numbers on this) also slows down page rendering, another case for killing it.

It's shifting stuff, it appears after some part of the page loaded, it's annoying!

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Personally I agree that it should be removed with no replacement (for now). You could even say that it does the opposite: it makes the fact that some pages load slow even more visible. The spinner itself is not really a problem, but the code dims the whole page and this causes two additional refreshs in the browser.

Change 232246 had a related patch set uploaded (by Thiemo Mättig (WMDE)):
Remove entity view loading spinner

Change 232246 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove entity view loading spinner

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Merged, will be out with the next branch & deploy