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create basic mailman setup on fermium (jessie) for testing import
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a mailman needs to be running on fermium and an Apache must be up and be accesible but on a private IP on host fermium

no actual mail is to be sent out, we just need the web part at this step

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this is done, it's a manual install of mailman on jessie from distro package (2.1.18-2)

with Apache config from sodium that we adjusted for it work (no SSL, Apache config 2.2 -> 2.4, adjust redirect targets, ..)

we had to: load Apache modules rewrite & cgi, create adjusted Apache site, deleted default config.

a stub role has been applied on the node to open port 80 with ferm

it's accesible by proxying through a bastion host (ssh -D 8080 to bastion host, set localhost:8080 as SOCKS proxy in browser)