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Compare selected revisions for Flow history
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User request from Sv.wp for an equivalent to "Compare selected revisions" as is available in wikitext page history.

This will enable a user who is not subscribing to a board, to still check on which activity is the most recent, in a topic, or a post.

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One suggested solution would be to use the "blue line highlight" - as seen in links like for any posts that were added/edited during the selected timespan. This would not show classic diffs, but it would show new content in context (which can be very hard to understand from a diff).

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A way to see which post (comments) has been added during say the last hour using a similar way as we compare revision today would be good if a discussion page a lot of active topics and you want a complete update of everything new.

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Highlighting new posts only works for the narrow use case.

After a Flow board had been messed up by a series of edits then fixed, I had to open it in two tabs side-by-side and very painfully micro-examine that there were exactly zero character differences between the old and new versions.