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Let you drag items in a CapsuleMultiselectWidget to re-order them
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matmarex renamed this task from Let you drag items in a CapsuleMultiSelectWidget to re-order them to Let you drag items in a CapsuleMultiselectWidget to re-order them.May 19 2016, 6:38 PM
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Both this and T108491 only makes sense for widgets where the user can add arbitrary options. It would probably be a lot easier to implement if we split the current CapsuleMultiselectWidget like I suggest in T108489#2338330: new CapsuleMultiselectWidget (only allows selecting from predefined list) and CapsuleGroupWidget (only allows typing in new values). The CapsuleMultiselectWidget then wouldn't need this (as the order would be predefined and fixed), and for CapsuleGroupWidget this would be just a matter of mixing in DraggableGroupElement.

As *TagMultiselectWidget is supporting dragging and dropping items, is there anything left open (like restricting to arbitrary option carrying widgets). @matmarex @Mooeypoo @Prtksxna @Jdforrester-WMF
In any case, I'd be inclined to close this task as declined and if any one of you has got further wishes we should capture them in another task.

TagMultiselectWidget, which is part of OOUI since v0.21.0 supports dragging of items. Use it instead of CapsuleMultiselectWidget.