Lines concatenanted and losing breaks (grouped together) after edit on fr.wp
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In this edit, VE made a mess of the article by strangely grouping many lines and completely trashing the article:

  • An existing title has been turned into a list, but with keeping the title syntax, and merging many lines after it: an entire table, the next title
  • All categories were grouped on a single line with the portal
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This looks like an issue with pasting wikitext, and Parsoid's aggressive anti-<nowiki>'ing code?

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Parsoid team, any ideas?

Put your cursor before the heading "Autres collaborations" then add a list and increase the indentation twice and you'll get the same edit. Should VE be including the rest of the page content in the list item? That seems like a bug. It should a least break at the heading if including any content at all.

Since all that content is in an <li>, Parsoid tries to serialize it as a single line, which is what's expected.

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