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Database locked error while publishing article using CX
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While analysing CX article creation logs, following error was noted

'2', 'en', 'es', '', '{\"servedby\":\"mw####\",\"error\":{\"code\":\"readonly\",\"info\":\"The wiki is currently in read-only mode\",\"readonlyreason\":\"The database has been automatically locked while the slave database servers ', '20150809221918', 'Mirek Alcest'

But I see that was indeed created. Source language was en, target language is es. But the contenttranslation tag was not added to the article.

@aaron, any clue on how this can happen? or how to prevent it.

I saw only one instance of this error so far .

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Further analysis showed that from August 6th onwards(last deployment date), contenttranslation tags were not added to several articles published. For all such articles, while publishing, following error is reported


AFAIK, this indicate the api returned something that the jquery ajax could not parse. All of such articles was published, just that the tag is missing.

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I saw only one instance of this error so far .

The title sounds scary, but it was indeed only once, then it's Normal prio. Should be raised if it happens more frequently.

Has this happened again? If it only happened once, I'm inclined to closing it or making the priority lowest.

aaron added a comment.Oct 1 2015, 8:45 PM

Any slave lag spikes will cause this. Avoiding those is T95501.

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