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Equivalent URLs are not canonicalized and deduplicated
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If I submit '' multiple times, I get the same shortened URL each time. Good. But if when I submitted '' (lowercase 'p'), a novel short URL was generated. Since URL shortener is implemented as a MediaWiki extension, it seems like it would be trivial to canonicalize URLs prior to deduplication.

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"Main page" is a redirect to "Main Page" ( and I don't think we should be following redirects since they can change.

Change 231748 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
[WIP] Attempt to canonicalize URLs before storing them

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I'm removing this as a deployment blocker because MediaWiki itself now redirects to the canonical form, meaning that a user would manually have to construct that URL to shorten it.

Change 231748 merged by jenkins-bot:
Attempt to canonicalize URLs before storing them

For the record, the information in T108602#2112942 no longer appears to be accurate, although the extension does now normalize such URLs as a result of the commit.

However, deduplicating in these cases might still be beneficial:

  • URL not followed by trailing slash (e.g. and; see T108565)
  • URL can be upgraded to HTTPS from HTTP
  • URL contains %20 (see T172976)

Deduplicating some of these could be somewhat useful, although the benefit might not be as justifiable for giving these priority:

  • URL is a special page which always redirects to another page on the same wiki, like Special:Diff/*
  • URL is a redirect

We should already be deduplicating HTTPS/HTTP.