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Separate "blocked" message to explain autoblocks
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Author: lunasantin

Over time, I've noticed a *lot* of confusion about autoblocks. It's very
difficult to explain them, especially to new users who've barely even edited
before and are very upset at the apparent admin conspiracy to block newcomers
for no reason. The current MediaWiki:Blockedtext has to split itself between
dealing with account blocks, IP blocks, and autoblocks, and it's occurred to me
that it might be a lot easier to explain things and help resolve these issues,
if we at least split off the autoblock issue to its own page at
MediaWiki:Autoblockedtext. Might let us give things a fairer (and less
confusing) treatment.

To avoid creating extra work for lots of people, it might redirect to
Blockedtext by default (I believe redirects work in MediaWiki space?).

Anyhow. Just a thought. Thanks for all the work you do!

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Patch that adds a separate message for autoblocks


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Patch that adds a separate message for autoblocks

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