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Variants don't translate alt and title text
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Variant=zh-tw ignores alt= and title=. Especially noticeable when
browsing with images disabled.

$ read a

$ GET $a|fold -s|grep 个人
class="image" title="个人">
fig.png/20px-Nuvola_apps_kdmconfig.png" alt="个人"

By the way, for that page, e.g., GET $a|fold -s|grep Livres
reveals lots of French too that the authors never noticed as they
never turned off images!

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: minor



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ayg wrote:

I take it that 个人 is non-Taiwanese Chinese.

个人 is a Simplified text of 個人.

But not appropriate for zh-tw!

This was fixed on r46434 already.