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Deleting a banner should delete everything related to such banner
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Hi. Actually if you delete a banner (clicking the "delete" here for example, the system will only delete the MediaWiki page where the banner code is stored, leaving undeleted other MediaWiki pages, CNBanners and translations. Those should be gone too when deleting the banner as no longer needed.

In the past I remember an "Automatically deleted by CentralNotice" message in the deletion log.

For example, I deleted today this banner through the "delete" button, but related pages remains.

  • MediaWiki:Centralnotice-WMAR NatRes-text1
  • CNBanner:WMAR NatRes-text1/es
  • CNBanner:WMAR NatRes-text1/en


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@awight Would you be willing to mentor this in Google-Code-in 2017?

@MtDu Hi! It's been a while since I was involved in CentralNotice, I might be better as a co-mentor.

@AndyRussG Do you think you would have time to co-mentor and help us with the nuances of CN? Justin worked with ORES at this year's Wikimania and did a great job on some short tasks. The mentor commitment is bite-sized for Google "Code-In", and the tasks are expected to take 3-5 hours...

@AndyRussG: Around? :) If you're interested in mentoring, please see for more info. Thanks! :)