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[WLM] Deploy WLM tools on tool-labs
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  • create tool and add maintainers to it
  • redirect script
  • checker-bot
  • commons-bot
  • run the bots regularely
  • optional: write deployment script (for easy updates)

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Created the tool wlm-de-utils on tool labs. Added @Tobi_WMDE_SW and @kai.nissen

I did not find other TCB team accounts on tool labs, please create/add if needed.

Bots can now be submitted as jobs to the grid engine.
To run the checker_bot once, use the following commands

become wlm-de-utils
cd WikiLovesMonuments/update-bot
jsub -once -cwd -l release=trusty python -m wlmbots.checker_bot -outputpage:"Wikipedia:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2015/Deutschland/Technische_Unterstützung/Anzupassende_Listen"

Would it be possible to know more about what these tools do?

As the interim maintainer of the Wiki-Loves-Monuments-Database and ErfgoedBot, I would be interested in knowing more about them − and see how they could benefit other WLM implementations − as well as knowing whether ErfgoedBot support is still needed for wlm-de.