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Logged out warning is un-dismissable
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I can't seem hide this callout, which happears on focus, no matter where I click. As it overlaps the sidebar, it could get in the way of useful information.

I also get a new one for every editor I focus, so if I tabbed through a large page my screen would be covered in them.

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This looks differently now, after the editor changes: the logged-out warning now appears in a greyish box above the editor. However, it's still not dismissable, and it'll still be duplicated if you have multiple editors open.

@Pginer-WMF, @DannyH: Ideas?

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I understand the problem of overlapping information on the sidebar, which may also increase the chances of users to start writing content before noticing.

It is not completely lear to me which is the problem of the message being not demisable. If we present it as a status indicator that is integrated in the reply box, it may not be perceived as a distracting extra element to get rid of.

I provided a couple of proposals at T110086#1591975 with different levels of prominence for the anonymous status.

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Yes, I think this is solved by T110086 -- the problem here was obscuring content in the side rail. With the message on top, that's not a problem anymore.