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Install DynamicPageList extension for Vietnamese Wiktionary
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The Vietnamese Wiktionary would like to use the DynamicPageList extension. The
project's front page in particular lists the newest entries by language. The
lists are currently updated manually, but even with a specialized template, this
task is tedious and the list is constantly out-of-date. This extension would
enable us to make the list automatic, and users would benefit from seeing
information tailored to the language they're interested in. According to Bug
#3169, Comment #5, the Vietnamese Wiktionary's large size should not be a
problem. (The extension was subsequently enabled at Wikibooks.) Although DPL
doesn't support an inline list mode, we can make the lists inline (and thus more
compact) using CSS or JavaScript.

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This can currently be accomplished using css (and making lists inline with css seems to be in style right now...), however shouldn't be too difficult to add another output mode.

assigning to me

Assign open DynamicPageList issues to new component maintainer.

Added inline mode to intersection in r63291

Rechanging component back to site requests, as that was more the original bug. Please note you need a link to community concensuss for the change before it will happen.

Changing component to "Site requests"
Raising severity to "normal"
Make sure all bugs have the "shell" keyword

Per the community consensus at [[wikt:vi:Thảo luận:Trang Chính#Biểu quyết về DynamicPageList]], please install DynamicPageList at the Vietnamese Wiktionary. Thank you.

If it helps, the DynamicPageList extension has already been translated into Vietnamese. Please let me know if you need anything else from the Vietnamese Wiktionary community before the extension can be installed.

Which DPL/Intersection extension is this requesting?

Probably the Wikimedia one since it can do the original use case mentioned in comment 0, and the other one would never be enabled ever ;)

Yes, the Wikimedia DPL extension will do.

Now how about that StringFunctions extension? ;)