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Arbitrary access from property parser function at nowiki does not work
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Arbitrary access does not work at nowiki. Test case for property parser function at template Mal:Arbitrary_access, template is used at Test arbitrary access. Code is according to example on Wikidata:Arbitrary access.

Page is up for deletion, so do testing of this bug before the deletion request is closed.

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According to note from @Lydia_Pintscher at our Wikipedia:Tinget this should work.

Per T100788: [Task] Deploy arbitrary access to enwiki + s2 wikis nowiki is getting arbitrary access next Tuesday, so it's obvious it doesn't work.

Note the thread Wikidata: Access to data from arbitrary items is coming, posted 3. aug. 2015 kl. 19:46 (CEST), where there is a sentence "We will roll out this feature here on August 12." and later in another thread Wikidata: Access to data from arbitrary items is here, posted 12. aug. 2015 kl. 15:32 (CEST), "As I have previously announced here we have now enabled the arbitrary access feature here."

Please try to keep the messages posted to the community in sync with what's actually done.

Sorry it slipped through in the 250ish wikis I announced to. My mistake.
Katie will fix that with the next deployment.

Lydia_Pintscher claimed this task.

I am closing this now as this will be done with the next round and we don't need to keep it around.