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Use web push to notify users of newly featured articles
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Currently Chrome is the only browser to support web push [1,2] but we should be jumping on the bandwagon. (update Firefox too now!)

Why? We can drive people to Wikipedia by allowing them to opt in to notifications. To start off with I suggest the simple example of notifying a user about the current featured article.

Currently Chrome requires use of a manifest.json and to make use of Google Cloud messaging. This might make adoption with the community trickier, as it might set privacy alarm bells (but after talking to Mozilla they point out the user already made the choice to use the Chrome browser and they have a choice to turn on/off ). Worse case scenario we could add some kind of disclaimer.

Suggested first pass would do the following:

  • When I visit the Wikipedia homepage on mobile I see a toggle button 'Notify me when this changes."
  • When I click the button it registers a service worker and we community to an API (That doesn't exist yet) the user has subscribed
  • We make use of the job queue to fire out daily notifications.
  • Sample service worker given here -


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An idea that never happened and is unlikely to happen.