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Make certain that jessie-backports is disabled fleetwide.
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Jessie's d-i install defaulted to it being enabled until around the rc2->rc3 transition (cf. Debian #764982) so part of the fleet has it enabled.

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::apt now always injects jessie-backports. That has been done on Nov. 11th by c3888dcbe6e78c53c3f59bbb62e221d2f0fac1d8

apt: enable backports on Debian systems

This enables backports across the fleet and relies on the default Debian
policy for the apt priority for the repository (i.e.
Suffice to say, packages from jessie-backports should be used with care,
as they may change to a newer version at any point.

The task was T107507: Investigate whether to use Debian's jessie-backports and now ::apt has:

# enable backports for Debian systems
if $::operatingsystem == 'Debian' {
    apt::repository { 'debian-backports':
        uri         => '',
        dist        => "${::lsbdistcodename}-backports",
        components  => 'main non-free contrib',
        comment_old => true,

So I guess this task is obsolete.

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