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Document task prioritization (bug triage) process of WMF Security Team
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@dpatrick pointed out that we should have a regular triage of low-priority security bugs on a regular basis, in addition to continuous work on the UBN/High/Normal bugs. Which highlighted that the team doesn't have a documented process / schedule for triage of security issues. We should do that.

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Can I somehow help with this? Like setting up / joining a monthly 30min meeting to go through the workboard(s)?

Darian and I have started triaging each week-- Tues 2pm Pacific. You're
welcome to join although I know that's late for you.

I also want to document rough guidelines on wiki to standardize what types
on vulnerabilities get what priority on our sites. Then hopefully anyone
with access can uniformly assign priority.

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No updates for 30 months. Closing this task and assuming it is fixed.
WMF Security Team: Please reopen this task and clarify if it is not.

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