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Rename mobile.css to minerva.css
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To be consistent with other skins, let's rename MediaWiki:Mobile.css to MediaWiki:Minerva.css
Ensure change is communicated appropriately.

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maxsem@tin:~$ mwgrep mobile.css
## Public wiki results
frwikivoyage        MediaWiki:Mobile.css
itwikivoyage        MediaWiki:Mobile.css

(total: 2, shown: 2)
maxsem@tin:~$ mwgrep Mobile.css
## Public wiki results
fiwiktionary        MediaWiki:Common.css
frwikisource        MediaWiki:Mobile.css
jawiki              MediaWiki:Mobile.css
svwiktionary        MediaWiki:Common.css

(total: 4, shown: 4)

@MaxSem, that search finds all pages that contain "mobile.css", not all pages that are named "mobile.css".

Nope, mwgrep searches for both content and title matches in NS_MEDIAWIKI.

Nope, mwgrep searches for both content and title matches in NS_MEDIAWIKI.

Those mwgrep results seem suspicious for sure. I don't see metawiki or enwiki listed, but both and exist.

Write a simple maintenance script that moves MediaWiki:Mobile.css to MediaWiki:Minerva.css? We even have CSS redirects now in case someone was including the page manually.

It's probably useful to have a mobile.css as this can apply skin agnostic changes to various mobile skins and use minerva.css for the skin specific use cases. Right now since mobile skins are not configurable by user preference (they could be) it doesn't make much sense but architecturally it's correct.

Any skin can operate in mobile mode for example (see desktop link in footer) so I'm declining this task.