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Quote formatted with <pre></pre> block isn't hidden
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When I paste this into the line right after any word meaning:

#* {{quote-newsgroup|year=2009|date=9 March|author= 	 	
Mr. T|title=Re: Giving line-juggling another shot|url=!original/||passage=<pre>
> "Guys, I want you to go out there tonight and not give the slightest
> thought about defense.  None.  I want you to see if you can score six
> goals, no matter how many the other guys get.  You do that, and we all
> have dinners at Minneapolis' best steak house on me."
> You know what?  They go play like that, and, guess what, defense will
> take care of itself, and they'll be so busy chasing the puck and
> trying to get those six goals that the other team won't even be in the
> game.

I like it. Motivate with some '''OM NOM NOM'''

it always shows the text in <pre></pre> block, although quotation is supposed to be hidden by default.

This affects the ease of entering of quotations like this.

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