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[RFC] is outdated for wm projects
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Description is outdated for most Wikimedia projects, as this function is now part of Wikidata.

Wiki families that still need

  1. All-and-every-Wiktionary
  2. uncyclopedia (e.g.

@Ladsgroup suggest to archive it. Might be bots/misc would be a nice place for it but unfortunately it is another repository and moving to it, its version history will be lost. The other way would be to create a scripts/archive subfolder and put it there.

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I modified in my codes so now it adds badge to wikidata directly. We can push this change to repo too, or we can have a and

We can import the bot to bots/misc including history (takes a bit of git magic, but it's not impossible).

Changing it in such a way that it keeps wikidata up to date also makes sense.

It's the RfC task, we should agree on something and then I would be happy to implement the result. As I said we have two options: either we change the to a complete brand-new script to handle wikidata or we make two scripts. I like the former but I'm not sure it would be okay to abandon compatibility (since Wiktionary is not connected to Wikidata + we have non-WMF wikis which might want the old script too, but in the second case we can just send an email to pywikibot).

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I used the following google query to find sites which might be using this: intitle:"link fa" intitle:template -wikipedia -wikisource -incubator -gerrit
That wont find non-English use of the feature, and it wont find cases where users have modified to work with a different template name.
There are several hits where the template exists, but it doesnt appear to be used, like

I manually checked WOWwiki page source, and MediaWiki:Common.js, and it doesnt highlight featured pages in other languages.

Some of the Wookiepedia/Starwars wikis do have a similar functionality, but it doesnt appear to be powered by a template currently supported by Wikia Starwars are using a new template . German Starwars is using a different system. / . I am not sure how this is working on , as the raw HTML contains the GA/FA classes on the links, so it looks like some extension is doing it but I dont see any relevant extension on . IMO this is worth exploring, because if there is another extension that provides this functionality (easier than Wikibase), we have an even greater justification for decommissioning

I think moving "lesser used"/unmaintained scripts into a subdirectory like scripts/archive makes sense. It would still need to automatically be runnable using featured, and tests/ would need to also find and test it so that it doesnt break in an obvious manner.

If we are going to move/remove, the mailing list should be notified.

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Thank you everyone and John for your research.

I noticed that we didn't do any analysis of the Wikimedia projects not connected to Wikidata yet, and whether this data has been migrated to badges for all Wikimedia sites. That is concerning as the patch in T123150 is based on the assumption that the current wikitext on any page on all wikis will not contain the {{Link FA}} template or equivalent.
My earlier analysis was mostly of non-Wikimedia sites.

I havent been able to find the Link X concept being implemented on Wiktionary. They use Word of the Day instead of Featured articles. It would be good if someone highly active in Wiktionary can confirm they dont have any 'Link FA' / 'Link GA' like functionality.

I've {{delete}} tagged many of the templates on , unless they were marked as {{historical}}. still exists, but is unused, so it needs to be tagged {{historical}}. are a {{featured}} template currently used on several pages, and those pages havent been migrated to Wikidata yet. However that project isnt using Link FA.

It looks like Wikiversity is mostly clean.

Looking on Incubator, I found Link FA was used a few times.

On Wikipedias, I am still seeing it occasionally. The following are where I have removed it.



(and that was after the bot removed a GA link :/) and more on, but still more to do

And there are some sites that still have a 'lot' of pages with the template on them that I havent fixed. (less than 50, but still more than should exist, and suggests the wiki hasnt migrated, or finished migrating).

GA: (5) (8)

FA: (38) (33) (5)

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