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Content Translation fails with error 503
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The visual translator interface cannot publish a translation for the last few days. If fails with error 503.

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Can you provide an example?

Thanks for the reply!

Go to (Romanian Wikipedia)

Make sure you have a registered Wikipedia account and you are logged in.

Click in the top-right bar: "Contribuții", then select "Traduceri"

Click the green button labeled: "Începe o nouă traducere"

In the first field (Din) type something like: "Stealth aircraft"

In the second field (În) type the name of a personal page: "Utilizator:Your user name/Stealth aircraft"

Click "Începe traducerea"

Add a few paragraphs, any would do.

Click the green button at the top-right, labeled "Publică traducerea"

The interface should hang for about 20 seconds and end with a 503 error:

"A apărut o eroare la publicarea traducerii. Încercați să publicați pagina din nou. Eroare: parsoidserver-http: HTTP 503"

The translation is a prisoner of the interface with no way to even extract the raw wikitext to manually publish it.

I hope that helps. ^^


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Attempting to translate [[:w:en:Salmon P. Chase|Salmon P. Chase]] from English to Romanian, and [[:w:fi:Venäjän–Turkin sota (1735–1739)|Venäjän–Turkin sota (1735–1739)]] to Romanian generated the same error.

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This might be T109659: paraminfo for contenttranslationlist is broken on beta wikis?
(however that doesnt explain why it is happening on production)

English to French "Peștera cu Oase" -> was not affected by T109574 (see comment)

The error occurs only for the following article but not for any of the others mentioned in the reports: - translating from Finnish to Romanian

In the past few days, the count of 503 errors are zero

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