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audit hr staff and tracking sheet (2015-08-17 revision) against shell access/ldap wmf group
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I was granted view access to the HR master staff tracking sheet. As such, I'll be using this task to track the auditing of the current departures list against the following:

  • admins module production access
  • wmf group assignment in ldap
  • wikitech user permissions

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Thanks for working on this. I'm going to remove myself from the cc list but I'm glad to know that this is happening.

Pine removed a subscriber: Pine.

There are going to be a few users where the answer isn't obvious. On those specific users, I'll note them here and create a task for tracking down their status.

First of these users: Sam Reed. @Reedy

Well, there were 6 on here we only recently located in other tasks (linked off the initial T108131).

The only outstanding question for shell access is Sam.

I'll now audit the list against wikitech and ldap groups. I'll note (as it was pointed out by @Krenair), this audit doesn't include checking every single labs project/instance for any ex-staff.

So it seems this list is accounted for; with the exceptions of Sam and Nik.

I'll create another sub-task for Nik's access resolution.