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rename wikitech-announce.disabled.T100503
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mailman list names are supposed to be lowercase only.

we have this one though:


when trying to import it on fermium, we get:

<mutante> ==> /var/log/mailman/mischief <==
<mutante> Aug 15 02:14:58 2015 (3431) Hostile listname: wikitech-announce.disabled.T100503

so we should just rename it. we are supposed to keep it but leave it disabled.

remove the "T" in it or the entire "T1000503" part.

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Hate to be a pain but since you're doing this already tomorrow (let's look at expanding the windows to 2 hours perhaps to be safe), could you handle this as well?

<JohnFLewis> fyi; [-+_.=a-z0-9] is what lists can be

This one should be able to be handled post-window, as its disabled. Being disabled, we won't have to halt mailman. (Chatted with John about this just now in irc.) So I'll handle this during all my other renames, but outside mailman downtime.

wouldnt the rename simply change the T to t, not remove it?

anything works. The T just needs to go as a capital.

So now there are problems.

IRC Update: I was adivsed to just rmlist the list, and rename and rebuild the archives. I should have done the archive part first, as now it won't rebuild.

The list config is gone, as the list has been removed. The directory has renamed to t rather than T, but the archives are now offline.

I'm not sure what the correct solution is:

  • Create the list again, and then import over the archives and rebuild, then disable the list a second time?
    • List membership is gone, so archives would have to be public.
  • Do nothing, see if anyone cares that this announce list archive is offline.

The archives weren't online when we began and shouldn't be in the end. If they were meant to be; it would not have been renamed out of existence. Instead it would have been unadvertised and all emailed dropped in oblivion.

it is renamed, and it seems like this wouldnt have been accessible before. So the data is there for rebuild if needed, but otherwise its just sitting there.