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TWN export loses line breaks in strings.xml files
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Every file that gets exported has most of its lines collapsed. This makes it hard to look at diffs.
Has anything in AndroidXmlFFS changed to cause this?

Both @Niedzielski and I tried it with the same results.

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It is most likely the update to hhvm 3.8.1 I did for T109160: ReplacementArray::replace() called with ResourceLoaderContext instead of string. If you can isolate/reproduce/submit upstream that would be great as I am currently working on T109183: Some edits to MediaWiki namespace time out on

@Nikerabbit, what was the prior HHVM version? I want to help but need a little guidance to get started. If I understand correctly, the bug upstream would refer to the Translate MediaWiki extension's export.php and AndroidXmlFFS, but should be filed against HHVM 3.8.1?

For reference, the previous HHVM version was 3.6.5+dfsg1-1+wm1. I've opened a ticket[0] with @Nikerabbit's help on Facebook's HHVM GitHub. @bearND, I recommend this be moved to the tracking column.


I have updated to 3.9.0 but I do not think the fix is in it, as it was just released.

Could someone confirm whether this issue is now resolved?

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This is fixed!