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[Story] Make exports formats more visible
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We need to make our export formats (json, rdf, etc) more visible so people can use Wikidata in their Linked Data applications and so on.

Needed steps:

  • Add links for them to the Print/Export menu in the sidebar. (Limit it to the top 3 or so.)
  • Move or remove the Concept URI link from the Tools menu in the sidebar.
  • Look at T107709 at the same time to clean up the menu more.

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Instead of stuffing the sidebar that already has to many issues (no room for long link labels, print section is currently gone, it's always to many links, less is more anyway), I vote for utilizing the "Information for Q…" subpages for what is asked for in this ticket, e.g.

These action=info pages can very easily be expanded with all kinds of information – even new sections. A list with links to all the export formats that do not do content negotiation would be very welcome – plus repeating the "Concept URI" link from the sidebar for the full picture. Even help pages can be linked.

See the InfoActionHookHandler which already does something similar for client pages. The same can be done for repo pages.

@Lydia_Pintscher @Ivanhercaz @thiemowmde Hey if the issue is not resolved, I would like to work on this. I am new to open source and mediawiki. Can you guide me?