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[RFC] Get to article placeholder from red link/404 article
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The idea is to get to an Article Placeholder from a red link if there is a Wikidata item for this topic.
We need to look into possible ways to connect those red links and corresponding items.

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Probably we can just store the name of local (non-exist) pages in Wikidata.

e.g. does not exist:

  1. Store en:Gymnopogon doellii to like ordinary sitelinks
  2. When someone view, the placeholder page will be shown
  3. Links to Gymnopogon doellii in enwiki will be shown in another color (probably purple/violet). When the link is clicked, the placeholder page will also be shown
  4. When someone created en:Gymnopogon doellii, all links to this page will turn blue. no changes is needed in Wikidata. When en:Gymnopogon doellii is deleted, the admin can choose whether the sitelink should be deleted. (Yes if it is considered non-notable and No if it is deleted because it is a nonsense/test/copyvio but can be a future topic). If the sitelink is deleted the page will become a normal non-exist page (and if the page is restored, it is T75908: Avoid lost link for deleting pages which are later restored); If the sitelink is not deleted the page will become a placeholder page again.
  5. If there're no given placeholder sitelink in a item, the placeholder can not be viewed from trying to view a non-exist page, but can still be reached via special pages or searchs.
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Selecting which item is relevant to the title in question is the first step and can follow a wdsearch approach. The only problem is how to make users report/solve disambiguation issues, but in the end having an unexpected topic under a certain title is business as usual.

The second step is to decide whether to display a placeholder at all, regardless of its technical quality. One basic criterion is that the item must have at least N sitelinks or M sitelinks to the same project (e.g. to Wikiquote wikis if on Wikiquote, or to Wikipedia wikis if on Wikipedia). N = 1 may be reasonable, but maybe a careful beginning would look like M = 1, N = 5.

The third step is improving how the placeholder is packaged and shipped, for instance how the red links should look like (still action=edit? different shade of red?) and how to change [[MediaWiki:noarticletext]] and friends (should it still be a 404, or return 200? should it be indexed? what's the canonical URL? how to provide a sitemap?).

@Lokal_Profil mentioned that you probably want to have the red links title as the suggested page title instead of the Item's label. That's something to keep in mind.

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