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A flag for already existing articles in the destination language
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Add an item to the current flag to allow users to remove recommendations that already exist in the target language and are identified as missing by mistake. We should blacklist such articles and do not show them to other users.

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What software is this task for?

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@Krenair sorry I forgot to specify the project which could help a bit more. It is for an instance of Labs that we run article recommendation in.

thx for the task, Leila. So this would need an endpoint on the server to capture this blacklist, and some way to store it permanently and back it up. It's not a quick UI-only thing but it's not bad.

@Milimetric, let's do the prioritization together so we have your input. I'll schedule something for tomorrow afternoon.

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@Milimetric do you have bandwidth to work on this one?

I can try to help, but have you and @schana decided how/where to store this flag and how to use it? Or the data from localstorage in general?

@Milimetric We're currently logging flags using this schema.

@leila How do you see the user workflow that would lead to this flag (and where should it be)? I'm not sure the user will know whether the article exists until they go to choose a new title, at which point they'll be past the existing flag dropdowns.

@Milimetric It could be cool to encourage people to fix the Wikidata inter language links if they find that a source article already exists in the target.

We chatted about this in grooming, there are a few different options but I'll spell out one.

  • Log the data through event logging
  • compile a report every day that has Wikidata Id, Target Wiki, Found Article
  • tell Magnus about the report to maybe use in the Wikidata game
  • use that report in the UI

@Magnus I've mentioned this to you in a separate thread. Just to recap: we are considering to provide a way for the future users of to flag articles that get recommended but already exist in Wikidata and we recommend them by mistake. These are articles that link to more than one item number, basically. If we collect this information, do you have a use for it (for example in Merge items)? If so, what kind of information you need to be stored?

@leila So that would be a melange of

  • articles that do not have an item, and just should be added to an existing item
  • articles that are "odd" in a single/few languages, e.g. (ought to be the same as "apple", but...)
  • articles that have a Wikidata item, but there is an "equivalent" item, and the two should be merged

and probably some situation I forget...
Such data would be useful, if it were

  • reasonably reliable (preferably reliably enough to trigger bot actions, but that'd be too much to ask)
  • category-izable, as per above list

It could indeed feed into the merging game, and into my tool to link up articles to existing items at

To add a bit more of the discussion from the grooming:

  • Where to place the flag?
    • Feedback page after navigating away from our tool
      • Could be used for this and/or any feedback
    • Current location as other flagging options
      • Doesn't really fit the workflow of the user
    • Need some design input
  • Whether to capture the existing title
    • We could have the title choosing dialog intercede between both the CX tool and creating from scratch
      • CX tool has a more in-depth title chooser, whereas ours is very basic
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