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Enabling bucketing on QuickSurvey
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Given I have a survey defined I should be able to configure a sample rate for the number of users who see the survey.
If 0.5, 50% of users see the survey
if 0 0% of users see the survey
if 100% all users see the survey.

We should make use of the new experiments API that @phuedx is moving into core.

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This just popped in the todo column. We didn't estimate this. Ok to work on ? @Jhernandez @Jdlrobson

It's a subtask of T107592 and is needed to complete T107592 which we estimated.

Change 233763 had a related patch set uploaded (by Robmoen):
Setup survey bucketing

Given T110198 I would say this is not mergeable until it has some browser tests accompanying them.

@Jdlrobson for some reason the first step in the tests is failing for me.

Given the quick survey test pages are installed # features/support/step_definitions/common_steps.rb:1
  unexpected HTTP response (404) (MediawikiApi::HttpError)

It must be my environment. I will keep fiddling with it.
However, I have added tests that should work. Can someone confirm?

Sounds like you need export MEDIAWIKI_API_URL=
Tests currently do not work for me.
Then I should see the survey is failing for all of them

Forgive me. I need to update core. Running tests again.

Change 233763 merged by jenkins-bot:
Setup survey bucketing and add browser tests

This is a technical task.