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determine ryan lane's access rights
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So Ryan Lane (laner) @RyanLane has access to shell and the ops group; and is still in the root authorized keys (so full root on cluster.)

I don't show him as an employee, but I'm not sure of contractor status.

If he should retain access as a volunteer, we should ask him to sign the L2 document.

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I'll assign this to Ryan and request his input.

Is there a "get your shit together wikimedia" tag I can use? :)

I signed the new volunteer NDA ages ago.

RobH added a subscriber: Ryan_Lane.

There just isn't an easily audited history to follow along that ties to your entry in the admins module.

Now this one is, since we chatted in IRC as well as on this task.

It seems that Ryan signed a volunteer NDA but it was before the L2 NDA in phabricator.

The tag in question will be the T109521 being appended to your admins module entry =]