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rename lists mwapi-team.disabled.T97148 and flowfunding.disabled.T97328 ?
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the following lists:

flowfunding.disabled.T97328 (T97328)
mwapi-team.disabled.T97148 (T97148)

are showing up as "hostile list names" in mailman logs and might cause issues when trying to import them

these are similar to T109393 but in this case the lists are private, not public

what should we do? rename one more time? just not migrate?

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Presumably the disable followed the old system so I recommend we reverse it and just correctly disable the lists.

@RobH would you be willing to take this since you did the original tasks to disable them? We now have the new script to disable them.

I'm willing, but it'll go behind a bunch of other tasks I have that are higher priority. If you need it done in any kind of timely fashion, I'd recommend someone else.

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