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[Bug] Expert extender re-position does not work in all cases
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Start editing a statement above the unit selector
  • Open the unit selector
  • Cancel edit mode of above statement
  • Open unit selector again

pasted_file (270×977 px, 20 KB)

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I'm not sure if it's quite the same or not, but I just had a similar issue with the coordinate field.
I accidentally pasted a longer string into the field instead of what I intended, which made the value wrap onto a new line. Instead of moving down when the field resized, the floating box stayed where it was and ended up covering a lot of the field. I had to unfocus and refocus the field again to make it move out of the way.

It's unclear to me how to reproduce this. Canceling the edit mode of the statement requires adding a statement again; cannot reproduce some extender issue.