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Getting "Edit with form" to appear on Main Namespace with language other than english doesn't seem so work
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Hey states that you can have a "Edit with form" (or "Create with form") tab appear on pages in a certain namespace by creating a page called "Project:<NAMESPACENAME>". On my german wiki my project namespace is indeed called "Project". Trying to match the Main Namespace to a certain form by creating "Project:Seiten" however doesn't work (Note: "MediaWiki:Blanknamespace" is unaltered, therefore containing the text "(Seiten)").

What I tried to check:

  1. I created "Project:Benutzer" whitch matches the Usernamespace with a form. Works as expected
  2. I switched my Wiki to englisch and created "Project:User". Works as expected.
  3. Still on englisch I created "Project:Main". Again, works as intended: it matches main namespace with a from.

on a side-node: to be sure I also created "Project:(Seiten)" on my german wiki. As you would expect that didn't work either.

Some Infos:
MediaWiki 1.23.8
Mysql 5.5
PHP 5.4
Semantic Forms 3.3.2
Semantic MediaWiki 2.1.1

If I can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

BTW: It can't be stated enough: Awesome extension. Awesome work. Thank you very much!


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Have you tried calling the namespace Projekt? Also, it may be called something different entirely (although I doubt that if Project works when switching to English). See the namespace selector on Special:AllPages for a list of valid namespace names on your wiki.

I just tried to rename the namespace. Again, matching pages in namespace User by creating "Projekt:Benutzer" works, with main namespace (after creating "Projekt:Seiten" it doesn't. (I ran jobs and purged the pages in between). And as I understand it, with this in my LocalSetting: "$wgMetaNamespace = "Project";" it should be "Project:Seiten", or am I wrong here? Special:AllPages also uses "Project" as name for the project namespace.

Hi Tobi,

I'm glad you like the extension! I believe the issue is that, due to a very poor German-language translation early on, the page name you should be using is not "Project:Seiten" but "Project:Startseite".

Oetterer added a comment.EditedAug 24 2015, 1:30 PM

Hey Yaron

Yes. That worked. Thank you very much! Sorry, didn't think of looking in the language files...

Do you plan to correct the i18n/de.json file?


I probably should correct it... should it be "Seiten"?

Guess so (There is no really good German translation of "Main", which may have contributed to this issue):

Is there a reason why you do not use the MW-message directly?

I would prefer the static label "Seiten" and not the content of MediaWiki:Blanknamespace.

  1. When using the mw-message, you would either have to call the page "Projekt:(Seiten)" or Forms would have to strip the brackets
  2. If, for any reason, you descide to change the message, you have to remember to move your project page, too. Or your functionality breaks.

just my 2 cents...

@Foxtrott - I think when I created that SF message, the core MW "Blanknamespace" message did not exist yet, or else I would have used it. Although the reasons that Oetterer gives for sticking with an SF message are valid ones...