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wrong query parser for tsearch2 (pgsql)
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Author: cedric.villemain

it seems taht the query parser do the job for mysql not for pgsql :
operators in tsearch query are : () ! | & but + and - are used

I have patch include/SearchPostgres.php to rewrite using the above operators (I have made some tests,
but not all ....).

Know issue : if you search only by the absence of a word there is strange behaviour (I think this is
more mediawiki code than specific postgresql code)

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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cedric.villemain wrote:

rewrite using tsearch2 valid operators

make more test than I did ....


Thanks for the patch - applied in r20040
Added notes about the <. >, and ~ operators - don't know if there
is an easy way for tsearch2 to implement them.

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