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[Fallback language] MediaWiki:Key/en messages are ignored when en is the wiki default language
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Author: brianna.laugher

This is a problem for multilingual wikis such as Commons.
When editing the Sidebar for example, if new messages are not prepared in all
user languages before implementation, then users with non-default language (DL)
settings will have red links or odd DL messages appearing in their interface.
(DL=en for Commons)

It is common that some language communities within the single wiki will progress
faster than others, because depending on the number of editors, they might
translate (from DL) very fast or very slow.

We know the existing settings probably look the best for all users, because of
MessagesXX.php files.

So it would be good to have a way to update the Sidebar for specific languages
while leaving the others as they are now.

This would be possible if MediaWiki:Key/DL messages were used. But currently
they are ignored.

For example. I want to update the Sidebar for only certain language settings. In
MediaWiki:Sidebar I put {{int:Uploadmenu}}. Then in MediaWiki:Uploadmenu I put
'* upload-url|upload'. I know this will work for all users because of
MessagesXX.php, these messages are already defined.

Then for German, say, I change MediaWiki:Uploadmenu/de. And they see the updated
But for DL, it's no use to change MediaWiki:Uploadmenu/DL, because this message
is never displayed.
I have to change MediaWiki:Uploadmenu -- but then that will push the changes
across all the language settings that don't have MediaWiki:Uploadmenu/XX
defined, as well.

(Maybe this is the same as having no wiki default language set.)

So what I would like, is if MediaWiki:Key/DL exists, it should be shown before

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