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Reduce the "banner bump" (tracking)
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There's a bump that happens when CN banners are loaded because of the delay between load times for banners vs. the rest of the site. This pushes the content down, which creates an unpleasant reading experience. We don't entirely know how to solve this, but this is an overall tracking task for solving that.

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This is a classic use-case for ESI (edge-side includes), a mini-language for composing pages on traffic servers by combining HTML fragments. The WMF has experimented with ESI before but Varnish's implementation was found to be crashy. However, TechOps is in the process of rolling out Varnish 4. It would be good to check the list of changes to see if fixes have been made to the ESI subsystem, and if so, talk with traffic ops (@BBlack, @ema) and form a plan to reevaluate it.

similar skip detected as long as banner is open => which disappears once banner is closed