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Set up Mapbox studio to use WMF tiles
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In order to both simplify our own style development, and to let the community participate in it, figure out a way to point Mapbox studio to the WMF tiles server rather than theirs.

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I partially got this to work. There is a nasty bug in the whole mapbox stack which is hard to get rid of -- mapbox code ALWAYS expects the PBF tile to be returned in gzip format, even if it did not send the "Accept-encoding":"gzip". Kartotherian implements this hack behavior, but Varnish does not - so if tile is requested without the header from Varnish, it automatically uncompresses it.

My comment is at issue-1268 gives the expected JSON, but we should generate it on the fly instead of hardcoding, e.g. /osm/info.json

If the path inside that file is to be switched to port 4000, the system would work. Or follow the instructions in the issue1268

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