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minoredits=exclude misbehaves
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With minoredit=exclude, a pages is ignored if the last edit to that page was
marked as minor. Expected behavior would be to ignore the minor edit when
determining if the page should be included. An example:

  • The page Foo is edited at 12:23. This becomes visible in a DPL listing.
  • At 12:26 a typo is corrected on Foo (minor edit). Now, the page no longer

appears on the DPL list, while it *should* just stay the way it was before,
after the "real" edit at 12:23.

This problem is annoying when trying to make a "latest news" box: either you
have to include minor edits (which is usually not desired), or you must not make
minor edits to pages that are currently shown as "latest news" (which is also
not good).

The solution would probably be to use the revision table as primary source of
information, and simply filter it according to minoredits=exclude. The only
problem i see is that this may conflict with pagetouched.

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gero.scholz wrote:

Are you able to make appropriate changes to the source code?
If yes, feel free to contact me. Over the last eight weeks I have been adding
quite a number of new features to DPL, so I understand most of the source code
pretty well now.

You find the latest version on

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