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Minor P-wrapping diff between Parsoid & PHP Parser+Tidy combo
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In this snippet,


the PHP parser + Tidy combo doesn't wrap the image in a p-tag. Parsoid wraps it in a p-tag. This then introduces a small whitespace rendering diff in the infobox -- this might be the source of several of the visual diffs seen in infoboxes where there is a leading image.

This could potentially also go away when Tidy goes away. Might not be worth fixing right yet.

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A simpler test case is,


This is similar to the tests around "Paragraphs inside blockquotes/divs (no extra line breaks)"

where the comment will say,

## This is a corner case interaction between the paragraph wrapping in the
## php parser's BlockLevelPass and Remex.  `doBlockLevels` has a notion of
## some tags which close paragraphs (and thus prevent wrapping on their line),
## of which "div" is one, but do p-wrapping inside them.  These are referred
## to as "never suppressing".  Remex, for its part, doesn't traverse into
## "div"s to p-wrap.  Hence, we only get this partial wrapping.
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The Parsoid and Remex outputs now match