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{pika} Proactive Pageview Definition
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We're always changing how we define "a pageview" at WMF. Hover cards, mobile app tap-to-preview, etc. These patterns are hard to parse out of the raw webrequest stream. And every time we change the pageview definition we're adding complexity, risk something starts getting miscounted, and basically tech debt. Instead, we'd like to move in phases towards a more proactive way to identify pageviews.

Phase 1: For now, we will add one more pattern so that mobile apps can have their pageviews properly counted. This is going to be done in T109383
Phase 2: We will make sure it's a standard at WMF to proactively tag requests that should be considered as pageviews with something in the X-Analytics header or similar
Phase 3: Once our scalable event system is built, we want to just let everyone log server side when they've received something that they think is a pageview, along with all the necessary information to easily analyze these events down the line.

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Phase 1 and 2 are done, Phase 3 differs quite a bit from what we are doing in the near/mid term thus closing this ticket.

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