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disk space on labvirt1007
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labvirt1007 - Disk space

CRITICAL 2015-08-20 19:27:08 0d 8h 51m 46s 3/3 DISK CRITICAL - free space: /var/lib/nova/instances 28723 MB (1% inode=99%):

/dev/sdb1 2.2T 2.2T 29G 99% /var/lib/nova/instances

We'll need to find instances nobody uses and delete them or migrate some of them elsewhere.

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hashar added a subscriber: hashar.Aug 25 2015, 8:51 AM

Seems some disk space has been reclaimed on labvirt1007. I managed to boot the three CI instances that were paused (T110052).

@Andrew seems any instance on labvirt1007 might have ended up being corrupted. deployment-puppetmaster suffers from the same issue that occurred on the Jenkins slaves: files written too are created but are empty.

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Are the instances that are on this virtual host gone for good?

As far as I know, very little was permanently damaged by this. Certainly a random sampling of instances on labvirt1007 look fine to me. Hashar, any objection to my closing this?

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Yup it is fine. File written too while the disk was full might end up with 0 bytes written too. For the CI slaves I just rebuild them to be safe.